Xml Integration

XML integration or XML support is the transfer of product information, stock information, order or member information of your site to other e-commerce site by converting them into XML. XML integration is a technology that works as a supplier, vendor and sales platform in processes with this triple structure. XML support can be planned hourly, daily or weekly according to the data.

XML support allows you to display the product information provided by your supplier on your e-commerce site as if it were your own products. When your supplier updates the prices or stocks of the products, there will be an update on the site you have displayed.

Data is presented in several ways in XML integration.

1. XML file is published with a link on the site. It consists of records at certain times of the day. Supplier companies generally use this method in order not to burden the servers too much. For example, www.teracatci.com/urunler.xml

2. XML file can be created when a request comes from the other party.

3. It is dynamically presented one by one when requested by using web IPs or web services. The most important point in XML support is product price and stocks. According to the variability of this information, it is determined how many times a day will be updated.

Advantages of XML Integration

Your costs will be very low as you do not have to keep stock with XML support. Warehouse and product stocking costs are the most costly in e-commerce.

You can sell products that exist on a different site on your own site, and add your own prices on it.