Requirements for Online Sales

Every day, thousands of people search for products and services similar to yours on the internet, and more than 80% of these searches are made with their mobile devices. Turkey and so fast-growing online sales market in the world within a short time you can get involved in setting up your e-commerce site. Some conditions are required to set up your e-commerce site and start selling online.


If you want to sell online but have not yet decided what to sell, we need to state that the first thing you need to do is to determine the product or products. You can sell a single product or sell more than one type of product. The important thing is to determine what to sell. You can start with a single product or product group and expand your product range later.


It is very important to have a business plan. If you try to make certain but instantaneous transactions on your products that you have opened your e-commerce site, you may not get an efficiency from such a working method. For this reason, campaign periods, product pricing, special days, stock tracking / control, etc. Creating a business plan for all your work will provide you convenience and manage your e-commerce site with a better performance.

Be Official

Being a taxpayer means you have a company. This formality is important to you. You must have a company, as you need to bill for payments in return for online orders.

Domain Name

To activate your e-commerce site, you need a domain name, such as, net, org. may have extension. Get your domain name and we recommend that you choose domain names that do not have a copy and reflect the content of your e-commerce site.


The process is not completed by starting e-commerce, in fact the most important part of the job is the continuity of the business. Accordingly, you need to spend time on your e-commerce site. I opened my e-commerce site, it is quite wrong to think that the customer will wait on the sidelines somehow. The internet is a very large area and you need to deliver your products to users. By scheduling a time for your e-commerce site, you can manage your site and monitor its performance.


We can say that you need to plan a budget to sell online. You will use a ready-made infrastructure or will you try a different method, how much you think about the expenditure for advertising work, in addition, product, payment, shipping and supplier are among the factors that require budget.

Marketing Studies

You need a number of marketing efforts to reach your e-commerce site, brand and products to users searching online. These are traditional, offline marketing methods, which are PR works, outdoor work, brochures, etc. and digital ie online marketing, these are Google Adwords, social media ads, content sharing, e-mail marketing, etc. You can work together to increase the awareness of your e-commerce site and increase sales by carrying out online and offline advertising activities together.

E-Commerce Infrastructure

An e-commerce site is needed to sell online. Having an e-commerce site is essential for both customer satisfaction and a wider online sales management. When setting up your e-commerce site, we recommend that you start with a ready-made e-commerce infrastructure. Because, ready-made e-commerce infrastructures have been developed to meet the needs of every sector and are designed to enable you to be successful in online sales. Vikaon's systems are designed with this quality.