Accounting - Erp Integrations



The commercial software that you manage the logistics operation of your business provides the opportunity to run your operation simultaneously, integrated with the Vikaon eCommerce Software.
Stock cards and details kept in your own ERP program are simultaneously reflected on your website and other marketplaces where you sell.
Again, orders from your own website or marketplaces are automatically dropped on your Vikaon panel and stock program.
The tracking information of your orders that are invoiced and cargoed is automatically reflected on your panel, increasing your customer satisfaction. This simultaneous working model is an important feature that increases both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Accounting-Erp Software that Vikaon works with full integration;

Logo: We provide full integration with Logo infrastructure, one of the largest software companies in our country. Your internet infrastructure and Logo software ensure that your sales and logistics operations run flawlessly by exchanging data simultaneously. Our software engineers have the knowledge and equipment to make this integration within hours without any intervention to your system infrastructure.

Nebim: Nebim one of Turkey's oldest commercial software, with Vikao can operate as a fully integrated eCommerce Software. Thanks to mutually provided instant data communication, there are no problems in stock, price and other details, and your internet sales operation is ensured to run smoothly.

Paraşüt: New generation pre-accounting software based on cloud, Paraşüt provides service with 100% compatibility with our systems. By entering your parachute panel, you send us the information we request from you, and within hours, you start enjoying your flawless e-commerce operation. All data on the parachute are simultaneously processed by Vikaon eTicaret Yazılım, which ensures error-free operation of the entire data exchange and sales operation.

Winka: Winka, another commercial software that we work with with full integration, ensures that all activities run smoothly with stock and order data exchange. All information in the Winka database is simultaneously processed automatically by Vikaon eTicaret Yazılım and reflected on your panel. Thanks to these processes, which are carried out without any data loss and error, your productivity and customer satisfaction for the business are carried to the highest level.

ETA ETA is in use in more than 100,000 businesses in Turkey, another of the company that provides integration with Vikao infrastructure. ETA and Vikaon databases communicate perfectly and provide mutual data exchange thanks to the infrastructure developed by our software engineers. Processes that progress without stock and order errors significantly increase the level of workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction.